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Presenting Woodminium, a patented product from Ajit, a concept so unique that we actually had to coin a word for it. Woodminium is a technique of giving wood effect to aluminium. It offers all the advantages and looks of wood, be it the richness of mahogany, the burls & Curls of Walnut or the grains of teak. With 74 patents and footprint in 98 countries, Decoral System (Italy) is the leader in this nascent industry. Bringing the Decoral process to India, is Ajit Coatings, yet another renowned name in anodising & powder coating industry. Woodminium is a part of Ajit group of companies.


footprint countries

The joint venture of these three progressive organisations spells a new era for those in the business of beautifying homes and office spaces in India.

The patented European technology offered by us provides hundreds of finishes including wood, marble, granite & dozens of exciting, customisable patterns.

Get the warmth of wood without chopping a single tree !

Wood is formed for its warmth and beauty. However wood is largely obtained by unsustainable logging practices. If these practices continue, there is a very real danger of our world being stripped of forests, which can have a major impact on our environment. Decoral’s sublimation technology allows the replication of any image onto aluminium. Finishes are available both in glossy & matte, with smooth or rough textures. Woodminium aluminium profiles, sheets & 3D objects are first powder coated, with Qualicoat approved powders. The sublimation heat transfer film of your choice of effect/pattern is then applied to the pre-tested metal surface. This is then vacuumed and heated in a large oven at 2000 degree Celsius. Then, the pattern of the film is transferred onto the metal.

Come rain or shine, Woodminium will continue to look as good as new!

constraints of wood

  • Age

  • Borers

  • Combustible Material

  • Fire Safety

  • Fungi

  • Expensive

  • Temperature / Humidity

  • Termites

Woodminium is resistant to atmospheric conditions and UV rays making it highly suitable for exterior applications. Woodminium will continue to look as good as new in any weather. It is easy to clean and needs no maintenance.

Woodminium’s fire retardant proprieties make it safe to use everywhere. It is termite and borer free. It has exceptional durability. It is infinitely recyclable making it a sustainable choice for environmentally aware people. Woodminium originates in a state of the art plant with a production capacity of 5 tons/day (approx. 20000 sq.ft).

Innovative Eco-Friendly

Beauty Of Wood

Reduce The Carbon Print

Highest Quality Standards

Global AAMA Standards


uses of woodminium

Woodminium is an innovative eco-friendly solution which gives you the beauty of wood while helping you reduce the Carbon print. This is critical in today’s world where global warming and climate change threaten our very existence.


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