Woodminium aluminium and stainless-steel handrails are known for their solidity, beauty, and lasting strength. Woodminium offers an attractive variety of aluminium and stainless-steel handrails for all types of projects. We offer the perfect blend of class and durability. Our bending aluminium and stainless steel handrails are great for curved, non-traditional applications.

A matching bracket is available for each style. Your handrails will be crafted with advanced machinery and custom made to bring an exact match to Woodminium fittings.

Built to the highest standards, each Woodminium premium quality aluminium and stainless-steel handrail is manufactured using advanced machinery and custom dedicated tooling. Woodminiums expert craftsmen work hard to ensure that your aluminium and stainless-steel handrail will be a stable centre piece for your staircase. Woodminium aluminium and stainless-steel handrail is both for safety and a fashion statement. Round handrails are easy to grasp.

Woodminium metal handrail creates a uniform appearance by matching them. Each profile brings its own personality to your system. Find one that matches yours and let us know what you like. We will make it for you.

Glass Railing Min

A  Balcony Railing is a railing that is specially designed for open Balconies.

It Adds a unique point of attraction to the building through the aluminum balcony railings that are lightweight, easy to install, and more durable than other materials.

Coated/Anodized metal balustrade adds a subtle charm to the balconies. Aluminum is a soft material compared to iron and Stainless steel, and it can be powder coated which offers protection against corrosion for a balcony railing.

The clear glass provides an uninterrupted view and is the preferred solution for a classy finish to the balcony railing. Glass balcony railing cost will be varying depending on the glass which is selected.

Tempered glass is much stronger and safer than normal glass, and it reduces cost in the long run by avoiding the chances of replacement.

Balcony Railing is often made of glass. These glass finish options would be possible for exterior applications, which enhances the beauty of the building.

Flooring plays an integral part in the interior décor of any home or office, lending character to every room. Take your pick from our extensive range of laminate indoor solutions and decking, cladding and pergola products for outdoor flooring.

We get you the world’s finest products from Egger Laminate Flooring, Egger Decorative Panels, and Boen Engineered Flooring.

Find exactly what you need in our collection of light and dark hued veneers for high end panelling, partitions, architectural woodwork and other avant­garde indoor and outdoor solutions.

Our portfolio offers solid wood skirting boards in a variety of unique profiles, opening up inexhaustible design possibilities to satisfy the most extreme requirements and tastes. On request, we are delighted to produce special profiles designed to personal preferences.

Our skirtings and profiles give any wooden flooring the definition it needs. A range of finishes designed to suit most textures is produced with an intimate know-how of how floors need to be united – easy yet refined.

Rectangle 3 7 Min

A refreshing shower brings vitality and wellbeing into your life. Whether you begin or end the day with one, it is sure to leave you energetic.

Woodminium shower cubicles do just that. Woodminium has a classy series of shower cubicles to refresh you at any time of the day.

Woodminium uses glass that offers matchless longevity. Our range of shower enclosures makes bathing a delight.

Woodminium shower cubicles are corrosion resistant, reduce deposits, exceptionally durable, scratch-proof, and offer reduced condensation.

Shower enclosures have become an integral part of the modern bathroom.

Woodminium shower cubicles serve functionally and separate wet dry areas. They are elegant and take the bathroom aesthetics to the next level.

Woodminium shower cubicles keep the bathroom dry and non-slippery, hygienic, and safe. Restricting the water inside only, our shower cubicles make the bathroom hygienic.

Woodminium shower cubicles save space.

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