High-performance Aluminium & uPVC windows in Yelahanka

High-performance Aluminium & uPVC windows in Yelahanka

Yelahanka, is a suburb of Bengaluru, Karnataka. The population has been steadily growing over the years. This increase in population indirectly leads to an increase in demand for housing developments. 

With this recent construction trend, there are several options available when it comes to window type. They are aluminium and uPVC windows which are known for their various benefits and savings. 

uPVC windows

The benefits of uPVC windows are becoming more and more apparent. In the past, windows were a major time investment for homeowners, with many structures requiring new windows to be installed every few years. Modern uPVC windows have been gaining in popularity due to their low maintenance, while still being durable and affordable. 

The installation process is also quick and easy, so homeowners no longer need to worry about waiting around for days while strangers work on their home.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are considered to be an excellent investment for anyone who is looking to improve their home’s exterior. 

These windows are an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to enhance their home. They are durable, energy-efficient, and they prevent moisture from getting trapped inside your walls.

The outside finish is aesthetically pleasing and the surface between the wall and window is filled with silicone to reduce drafts and noise.

1. Weather Resistance

uPVC windows: uPVC windows are made out of a material that can withstand most weather conditions. Since uPVC windows are made to last in extreme conditions, they are less likely to break due to storms or bad weather.

Aluminium windows: Aluminium windows are Weather Resistance. They are strong and durable and can’t be easily cracked. If you would like to know more about aluminium windows, keep reading. 

2. High Security

uPVC windows: uPVC windows are Highly Secured windows because they are not able to let in burglars when they break-in. The frames of the windows are made of tough Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride that is very strong and tough. Another good thing is that locks are often invisible so burglars can’t see them easily.

Aluminium windows: Aluminium is a very high-secured metal. The “high” in “high security” means that aluminium has a lot of strength and can be difficult to break.

It is a type of soft metal that cannot be broken easily. When you want to break it, it will take a lot of time and effort. You can’t even cut it with a knife or break it through a hammer.

3. High Sound Insulation

uPVC Windows: Sound insulation through uPVC window can be done by using a DGU glass. The two panes of glass and the gas or vacuum in-between them create a barrier to sound, stopping it from passing through the window.

Aluminium windows: Same technique using DGU glass can be used in aluminium windows as well, it is used to trap sound inside and cannot escape in and out. This makes for a much quieter environment to study or sleep in. If you have too much noise outside that seeps into your home, this can help block it out.

4. Longevity of Windows

uPVC Windows: The lifespan of uPVC windows is around 25-30 years. This is because the uPVC material that they are made out of Polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic polymer of plastic.

Aluminium windows: When it comes to Aluminium is a highly durable material. With the right gauge and high-quality aluminium windows can last up to 45-50 years.

5. Maintenance Free

uPVC Windows: If you have a lot of windows in your home, they can be hard to clean. But with maintenance-free uPVC windows, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your windows anymore! 

uPVC windows will not rot, warp or corrode, even in salty coastal climates. It is easy to clean and does not require any expensive chemicals to clean the surface of the windows.

Aluminium Windows: Undoubtedly aluminium windows are maintenance-free because frames are coated to match all your architectural finishes that meet global standards. 

This windows require no maintenance because they are designed to not rust or corrode like other metals.

Our windows are being made that never need to be cleaned. They are called “Maintenance Free Aluminium Windows”. There are many reasons why people choose Maintenance Free Aluminium Windows. So that People do not have to worry about cleaning them! They are very durable and they last for a long time. These Windows are also more energy-efficient.


In conclusion, high-performance aluminium & uPVC windows in Yelahanka are a great investment for your home. They’ll add value to your property and improve its energy efficiency, preventing excessive amounts of air from coming in from the outside.

Investing in high-performance aluminium & uPVC windows in Yelahanka will add value to your home and increase its energy efficiency.

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