frequently asked questions about Aluminium Windows

Here are the most frequently asked questions while buying Aluminium Windows!

Customers in the market often have confusion when it comes to deciding which window they should purchase. Aluminium windows are in high demand due to their durability and energy efficiency. Here are some frequently asked questions when buying Aluminium windows and helpful answers that can enhance your knowledge:


How do you measure the size of the window?


The size of the window can be measured in terms of its width and height.

The window of a residence is measured by the width of the opening at its lowest point and the height. The width and height is measured from an edge of one side to the other and is usually expressed as a fraction or decimal. The unit of measure is mm, meter or feet. For best results, the width and height is measured in three different locations (corners and centre) and along the diagonal edges in specific cases. 


What is the installation process?


We Follow 5 steps to serve our customers

1st Step:- Design as per site measurement

2nd Step:- Production as per fabrication drawings

3rd Step:- Delivery on planned dates after QC 

4th Step:- Installation by expert team

5th Step:- Quality Control & Handover at client site


How durable are aluminium windows?


Aluminium windows are more durable than other types of windows. They can withstand high winds and earthquakes, unlike wooden windows which are very sensitive to these elements. When the aluminium windows are installed properly, it will last for many years. 


Are aluminium windows energy efficient?


Yes, Aluminium windows are energy efficient. They are an excellent option for reducing heating and cooling costs, especially in buildings with large amounts of glass. So it provides insulation from the cold or hot air from outside.


Are aluminium windows eco-friendly?


Aluminium windows are eco-friendly because they do not corrode and weaken over time, unlike steel and traditional wood windows. These aluminium windows are much more expansive and last longer than various materials, which results in less waste in the environment. Recycling aluminium ensures a great deal of wastage reduction.


What are powder coated aluminium windows?


Powder-coated aluminum windows are a product made of aluminum, glass, and UV-resistant paint. This type of window is popular because the finish can be easily changed to match the design or color scheme of the building or establishment.


Can aluminium windows be double glazed?


Yes, aluminium windows can be double glazed. Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by a layer of inert gas. It decreases noise pollution, thus soundproofing your indoors from outside noise. 


Do aluminium windows look like wood?


Woodminium windows and doors offer a real look and feel of real wood without needing any maintenance. Our aluminium windows and doors offer a wide range of benefits when compared to real timber windows.


In conclusion, aluminium is a great alternative to other expensive materials. It is a very durable material and it never corrodes, even when it’s left outside in the rain for years. It also has a natural look that will blend well with any type of design style.

It’s time to invest in aluminium windows as we know that is the future!

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