Why Woodminium Uses Deceuninck Profiles?

Why Woodminium Uses Deceuninck Profiles?

The research for a good uPVC profile manufacturer in the market has led us to a wide array of players positioned at various segments. However, in evaluating each of them, in order to narrow down to the best that suits the Indian conditions,  we have zeroed on Deceuninck. Their profiles speak of their experience of over 85 years in manufacturing as they are the OEMs.

We wanted to collaborate with someone who stood for reliability, availability, reputability and quality.  These are the basic pillars on which our mantra lies upon, keeping customer service at the core of it all. Deceuninck’s principles are in line with customers and our expectations and here is how they ensure we are the best in the market.

History of Deceuninck

Deceuninck was established in Belgium in 1937, specializing in compound technology, design, development, extrusion, finishing and recycling for the construction industry. Today, Deceuninck is one of the top 2 PVC Window and Door profile manufacturers in the world with a presence in 90 countries.

Deceuninck in India is one of the fastest growing UPVC Profile companies with one warehouse each in the north and south India with huge storage capacity.

Chemical Composition

Deceuninck provides a special composition of profiles for Indian climatic conditions called Tropical Mix. Tropical Mix is a special compound that contains a high percentage of TiO2 – Titanium Dioxide. The mix contains a high percentage of TiO2 – Titanium Dioxide, which helps protect the profiles from being degraded by wrapping, de-coloration, brittleness, chipping, or cracking over time due to exposure to UV radiation from direct sunlight. Deceuninck profiles are 100% lead-free and use Ca. Zn stabilizers, making them a healthier and more environmentally-friendly option.


Deceuninck’s uPVC profiles contain a higher percentage of titanium dioxide and less calcium carbonate than other brands, making them less likely to yellow over time. Deceuninck also adheres to European manufacturing standards to ensure the highest quality product for its customers. With a pure white finish and smooth surface, Deceuninck’s uPVC profiles are superior to its competitors. Deceuninck offers a wide variety of profiles and colors to choose from for different types of windows. You can find the perfect match for your home’s theme, or create a completely new look. With our wide selection, you’re sure to find the perfect windows for your home.

Benefits & Savings

Deceuninck’s doors and windows are much more than just a beautiful way to see the outside world. They’re also incredibly strong and secure and can withstand any weather condition. Plus, they provide excellent insulation against both heat and cold and are fire- and termite-resistant. Plus, they’re water-tight and can resist high winds. So when we choose Deceuninck, we were choosing quality, safety, and beauty. The Deceuninck profile, fabricated at Woodminium with high quality, ensures that your windows are maintenance-free; saving you the time, energy, and money you would otherwise spend on repairing and replacing them.


The EN12608 is the European standard for UPVC profiles that is followed by most companies worldwide, as it’s the only comprehensive standard that covers all aspects of UPVC profile manufacture, including wall thickness, UV radiation resistance, heat softening, and more. Deceuninck’s profiles have been rigorously tested by SKZ, a leading test center in Germany, and have been found to meet or exceed all EN12608 requirements. The artificial weathering test is critical to guaranteeing the quality of the profiles. The profiles are first subjected to an impact test, then artificial weathering, and finally another impact test. The profiles are exposed to 12KJ Xenon light for 6000 hours. In our case, the reduction in impact strength after 6000 hours exposure was less than 4% whereas the European standard allows 40% deviation.

Dedicated Technical Team

They have a dedicated technical team in Bangalore who can help with any technical questions or clarifications we or the clients may have. Their office is always open and are happy to help.


Deceuninck offers a 20-year warranty for white profiles and a 10-year warranty for coloured profiles. If you experience any problems with your profiles, such as them turning yellow, bulging or cracking, you can contact the mother company directly to claim your warranty.


Woodminium prefers to work with the best vendors to ensure the products we deliver are of the highest quality for the mid-premium segment home builders. We believe that customers’ trust and faith in us, can be fulfilled with this approach. Working with Deceuninck has been a great journey so far, because together we have successfully delivered many smiles along with a durable product for their homes. This treasure will enable us to work towards a better living for people. Hence Woodminium has put their trust in Deceuninck, and we hope you will too! You can learn more about Deceuninck profiles by visiting our uPVC page

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