Casement Windows In Bangalore

We have different types of windows used in residential and commercial properties. Among them, the casement window is a unique type of window that is open using hinges and stays fixed at any angle using its friction stay mechanism. Some of the benefits of Casement windows include natural lighting, ventilation, and easy access. If you are looking for aluminium casement windows in  Bangalore we at Woodminium are south India’s largest window manufacturer.


Benefits Of Casement Window


Energy Efficient

Casement windows commonly have low air leakage since the shutter closes by pressing against the frame this reduces the airflow and maintains a constant temperature inside the structure which saves a lot of energy which is used in air conditioning.


Aesthetic Appearance

Casement windows were first used in the Victorian era. Using them in modern structures gives them an attractive look and vintage feel. We also offer different types of industry-leading wood effect coating which enhances the overall look of the structure.

Whether you want to update the windows in a mid-century bungalow or put a fresh edge on your duplex colonial, casement windows enhance both design and functionality.


Optimum Ventilation and Airflow

A casement window design can be opened all the way depending on your needs. This  the functionality of the casement window allows an abundant amount of light and air to flow throughout the house.


Low Maintenance

Our uPVC windows come with an industry-leading 20-year warranty and aluminium windows comes with a 10-year warranty. Unlike wooden and metal frames they will never rot, rust or require repainting. Woodminium casement windows are easy to clean and do not require any expert assistance.



Casement window when provided with double glazed unit offers very good insulation against sound which provides a very peaceful atmosphere in the house avoiding all the external chaos. Also using tinted glass in the window provides privacy.



If your looking for high-quality casement windows in and around Bangalore, our casement windows are specifically manufactured to meet your requirements. We offer a variety of special wood coatings like the beautiful colour of mahogany, the texture of teak or any other finish which matches the interior look of your building. 

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