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Woodminium is one of the most trustworthy aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in Bangalore. When we say we are the most trustworthy manufacturers in Bangalore is just because of the below-mentioned points. They are as follows.


When it comes to quality, it is the first and foremost motto of our company as well as of our directors who came back to India just to provide sterling quality of products.

In terms of quality, we source profiles from leading Indian and global manufacturers, surface treats them at our in-house facility using imported raw material, and fabricate them right in the same premises. Having all the facilities in the same premises gives an edge for us over quality and an edge on pricing to customers. 

Unlike other aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in Bangalore, where a coating is done separately, and fabrication is done at a separate factory, and the final window is installed at your site. With this, the material handling cost increases, and the chances of defective color or scratches is high.

Therefore, it is advisable to get your windows from the manufacturers who have all the facilities under one roof.

When we talk about quality control, we have all the resources in one manufacturing area equipped with all the latest resources as per the international standards and norms.


Usually, while constructing a home, we always want an expert to work on your dream home, be it an architect or any professional.

Similarly, we are the expert for aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in Bangalore. By having a broad and deep understanding of the manufacturing windows. 

Not just that, we have skilled professionals who have been working in this industry for over 20 to 30 years. Through all the experience and knowledge which we have gained over the years, we can say that we are one of the most experienced company in the market. 


As part of day-to-day activities at our Woodminium factory premises, we do not adhere our activities to repetitive or old practices. We keep on innovating with scientific methods to increase the reliability of the products we offer. 

Woodminium windows is a brand and trusted preservers of elegance. Let us specialize in you by assisting with quality determinations so we can provide excellence to the maximum possible degree for your custom-built house that meets all expectations.

Windows are a type of building that covers a house to block the wind and let in light. Windows helps to keep the house warm in the winter or cool in the summer. They let you look outside your house. By experimenting with different ways to make windows, we can make them more energy efficient and sturdy. This helps make sure people will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in Bangalore are the best who have innovative products. If there is no innovation, we could still be in a stone age era. 

We keep on experimenting on windows and doors systems not just by increasing performance but also by keeping in mind how can we solve the problems in the window and doors segment by proving premium windows at a competitive price. 

After innovation and experimenting, we have not just limited our company to the windows and doors category. We also have other products like Baffles, Louvers, handrails, etc., which enhance your home’s decor look.

Do check out our products which adds value to your home – Other Products. 


All our Woodminium products are 100% customizable. And it is manufactured as per the customer’s designs and taste to suit the needs. Getting your product customized as per your needs and designs through our experience and the excellent quality of windows we manufacture in Bangalore enhances the beauty and luxury of your home with finesse.

As aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in Bangalore, we can customize your windows perfectly to suit your home. From unique shapes and sizes to various distinct types of glass.

If you’re building a custom home and want everything to be beautiful and built to last, our windows and doors are a good choice among the manufacturers in Bangalore. 

Aluminium Slide And Fold Doors at site

Actual Image of Aluminium Bi-fold Doors installed at our customers’ site.

Product Range

Woodminium Windows offers 360-degree solutions to customers, be it designs selection, glass, frames selection, and installation at your place.

We offer uPVC & aluminium material with the best-in-class product and hardware fittings. As a value addition, Woodminium windows offer functions like safety & security, noise cancellation, energy efficiency, UV resistance, burglar resistance, monsoon proof, and safety glass throughout our wide product range. 

Check out our product range Premium Series and Luxury Series

Track Record

Woodminium Windows, as part of Ajit Group, has a good track record in the market. In a span of less period, we have completed the installation across Karnataka. Would you please check out our projects page?


Approachable when we say that we mean that we listen carefully to customers. We work closely with the customers; we discuss with the customers to understand their tastes and needs and make their window installation journey easy and hassle-free.

Above all customers contributing and helping us enhance our designs and support them with a satisfactory product. As a new home comes with a lot of emotional attachment and we totally understand and value that.


There are multiple variables involved in the pricing of the Woodminium windows, such as dimensions, the number of panes in the window, style of window, Locking mechanisms, types of glass & mesh, Colours, and finishes. 

As an aluminum windows and doors manufacturers in Bangalore, it will fit your budget as an aluminium windows purchaser. Take a quote from us, and you will be surprised how affordable we are in Bangalore. 

You can request a site visit or get your quote by 

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How our expertise leads us to be counted among the top 10 windows and doors companies.

When it comes to windows and doors in the construction industry, usually the mind will always strike towards wood because of its warmth and beauty. But if we continue to procure wood for our windows and doors, it will impact our environment and encourage deforestation of our forests.

To solve the real issue of using wood for window needs, we have introduced Woodminium windows with the replication of wood patterns on aluminium using a sublimation process with imported raw materials. Our product finish, quality, and appearance are key factors that lead us to the top 10 windows and doors companies.

The name Woodminium is driven from the combination of words “wood+aluminium”. It is the technique of giving wood effect to aluminium by offering the look and feel of wood, with 74 patents and having footprints in 98 countries. Not just that, Woodminium also is a trustworthy brand that provides end-to-end aluminium and uPVC windows solutions. 

Woodminium is the newest unit of Ajit group of companies. Ajit set its foot into the aluminium industry with Ajit coatings, in 2006 which was a brainchild of founding partners. As of today, Ajit coatings is one of the largest integrated aluminium surfaces treatment companies in India.

Ajit Coatings Factory Profile Coating Area Ajit Coatings Factory Working Area

Ajit Coatings Plant Infrastructure.

Ajit Coatings was incorporated about 15 years ago intending to serve the Aluminium Extruders, Fabricators, Interiors, Façade system product designers, Solar Industry, and other Industrial applications with high-quality Anodizing, Powder coating, Wood Effect, and PVDF requirements with value-added profiles with innovative solutions to meet the ever-increasing customer demands.

After starting the first organization, Ajit group didn’t stop there. They introduced Ajit Glafa in 2013 as a solution provider for the fenestration industry. We provide complete and comprehensive facade solutions from design, fabrication, and installation for all applications of new generation architectural products for interior and exterior.

We are armed with a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals who are expertized in providing custom solutions to our clients with factory processed and assembled glazed panels, which enhances and escalates the building envelop with a faster, precise, and accurate installation process.

Ajit Glafa Assembly Area Ajit Glafa Factory

Ajit Glafa Plant Infrastructure.

As a part of the Ajit group, Woodminium is founded and managed by a group of qualified engineers who worked in the United Kingdom for 15 years in a similar industry and returned to India to set up a business and to provide sterling quality products and services. 

We follow three simple things as our pyramid – we plan, design, and execute. Through this, Ajit Group has become a name with quality, affordability, customization, durability in a short span and is counted among the top 10 windows and doors companies.

Wrapping Up. 

With an overall experience of 15 years, starting from the coating of aluminium surface to the structure of aluminium profile section for windows and doors has helped us to be considered as the top 10 windows and doors companies.

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